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I'm Clarisse and this is my 5 peso story.
I have always been interested in photographs. Whether behind the camera or smiling at the camera, I’m always amazed on what was captured. The moment, the genuine expressions, the mood, the spontaneity of every actions - all preserved in poignant stillness. Photographs have always been my connection to my memories. They tell me the story of my life.


5PesoStory.org has been online since October 2005. And ever since I have always been in search for a nice photoblogging software. Well, I think I've found it that I was actually willing to start over. Plus the fact that I have a new camera to accompany me in my picture-taking adventures. Still, it won't stop me from posting pictures that I've taken with my reliable point-and-shoot cam.

5peso archives is where my previous photos are located. If at some point the pixelpost team decides to make available an import feature for WP to PP, then I'll be transferring them. Photos at the archives have been taken using my Canon Powershot 500 and my old Nokia 6630.

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